Shayna Shadowen and her husband Jason have operated their third generation family owned Electrical and HVAC business since 2004. Founded in 1968, Service Detectives has established itself as one of the most trusted names in Southern Illinois.

Founded in 2018, My Office Help is the product of Shayna’s frustration with being unable to keep a permanent office team during the slower rural season and a lack of ability to find reliable, affordable, and trustworthy remote support options.

A Service Alliance Group Top Partner and Sponsor, Workiz Franchise Partner, Rossware Service Partner, Top Certified Housecall Pro Partner and exclusive Emitrr top partner, My Office Help provides concierge full-service back office functions to others in the home services industry. We cater to every home service industry, from appliance repair, and electrical and plumbing, to garage door, landscaping, lighting, drain cleaning, pest control, window cleaning, painting, and much more.

Our purpose at My Office Help is to help business owners like yourself create more freedom, in whatever form that may take. More time with your family? More time in the field without having to worry about the back end  operation? More time in the office without having to worry about field operations? More time to pursue other interests secure in the knowledge that your business is in good hands? That’s the My Office Help difference, and we can help you achieve it all, by employing systems and processes proven over decades of practical use. At My Office Help, we want you to do what you do best, and let us do the rest!

Jason & Shayna Shadowen, Founders – My Office Help

Meet the Executive Team

Shayna Shadowen – Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Having learned the ins and outs of the home services industry at her grandpa’s feet, Shayna well and truly has it in her blood. Packing nearly 20 years operational experience as the President of Service Detectives, and nearly 30 years experience bookkeeping in both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, Shayna is well situated to operate a rapidly growing company that has revolutionized the home services industry and remains at the cutting edge of the virtual services space. Shayna lives in Energy, Illinois with her husband Jason and two sons Isaiah and Austin. As My Office Help continues to grow under Shayna’s guidance and leadership, it goes from strength to strength, always ensuring that our clients and our purpose to help them create more freedom remain at the forefront of our minds.

Jason Shadowen – Founder & President

With more than 25 years of experience as a Master Electrician and Operator of Service Detectives, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that Jason could sell sand at a beach. Jason has trained more than 100 five-star technicians over the last two decades, and is a mentoring powerhouse, able to turn even the most resistant technician into a sales machine! As our President, Jason works with dozens of home service companies and business coaches to advance their training programs, grow average tickets, and create the next generation of grade-A service experts. Jason has successfully grown not only his own company but also plumbing and HVAC companies into multi-million dollar success stories featured in nationally syndicated media and top business publications. A John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach and a DISC Certified Instructor, Jason has all the credentials to back up his experience as he helps take your business to the next level.

Andrew Robinson – Chief Operations Officer

If Shayna’s vision shapes the team, it’s Andy that makes her vision a reality. After spending 20 years developing multi-state franchises for the McDonald’s Corporation as a Director of Operations, and with over 25 years of professional writing, marketing, and business operations experience, Andy is the all-rounder with that rare ability to keep his eye on both the big picture and the details. If there’s a process that exists, Andy has an SOP for it, and a multi-stage plan for how to deploy it to your entire team. Andy’s gift is operations and growth strategy. He’s also our marketing guru, a graduate of the Google College, and an expert market analyst who can help you pin down your true customer avatar and lead the kind of guerilla campaigns that don’t cost a million bucks but can achieve consistent results. Originally from the UK, Andy lives in Du Quoin, Illinois with his wife Heather and four children, Karter, Anastasia, Harlynne and Wynter.

Jessica Sheehan – Operations Manager

After years of retail management experience managing restaurants in the quick service industry, Jessica has developed a knack for the essential balance between action and thought. After leading our Central, Mountain, and West Coast teams as one of our most senior Regional Team Leads, Jessica has been instrumental in developing the systems and processes that have made My Office Help an international success. As Andy’s right hand woman, Jessica handles all floor operations for our phone services division, as well as our client onboarding process. With a quick wit and a quicker mind, Jessica is able to work through the toughest situations with grace, a kind word, and a quiet competence that inspires everyone around her. Jessica lives in Benton, Illinois with her Partner Nathan and their two dogs.

Melissa Hunt – Chief People Officer

To hire, train, and develop a Next Level team, you need a Next Level Trainer; that’s why we have Melissa. With more than 20 years as a customer service and leadership development coach, Melissa is a training powerhouse. Melissa has substantial experience developing training curriculam in multiple industry’s, with a proven track record of success in producing millions of dollars in savings for companies who lowered their turnover rates, raised their standards, and enhanced their efficiencies. With a careful and deliberate eye to streamlining, efficiency building, and ongoing development, Melissa is perfectly placed to ensure the maximum bang for your buck when it comes to your people. Melissa lives in Marion, Illinois with her husband Darrell, and her three daughters Makayla, Maleah, and Mariah.

Ciara King – Director of Media and Content

With a successful retail management career focusing on customer service up close and personal, Ciara has the kind of attitude, pleasant demeanor, and outstanding personal touch that represents everything we strive for here at My Office Help. A quick thinker with an out-of-the-box imagination, Ciara can always be relied upon to come up with the solution no one else considered. A lifelong social media buff, Ciara has an intuitive grasp of new media and the kind of things that it can offer businesses in the post-COVID world. Ciara is responsible for our entire content strategy, from our industry elevating webinars to our youtube exclusive sneak-peeks, podcasts, TikTok trends and Facebook. Ciara Lives in Carterville with her husband Jared, and their beautiful daughter Mickey.

Cayley Brooks – Client Success Manager

Lovingly described by her team as MOH-Mommy, Cayley leads with love and it pays dividends in spades. With a drive and determination that inspires her team to excellence, Cayley is tasked with ensuring that every one of our clients benefits from the My Office Help difference. For those times where our Next Level Experience doesn’t quite make it, Cayley and her team are there to ensure we make it right, make it permanent, and stop it from happening again. Cayley is a fighter, standing firmly in the corner of every client in ensuring that we never forget our core purpose, to help our business owners create freedom. No one could represent a client better than Cayley, and she has built a team of true Next Level Heroes around her to do the same. Cayley lives in Herrin, Illinois with her Husband Michael.

Austin Jay – Research & Development Manager

What helps us continue to deliver on the Next Level Solutions promised in our core values? Experimentation! WIth a history of leading teams in the athletics and outdoors fields, Austin learned on his feet to consider the out of the box option, to tread the unconsidered path, and to take risks, which makes him the perfect choice to head our Research and Development Team. Tasked with the continued development of our custom back office management platform, MOHP, as well as streamlining our data channels and creating new efficiencies to maintain our competitive pricing edge, Austin is the key to continuing to offer the widest array of cutting edge technologies in the industry. Austin lives in Herrin, Illinois.