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A Blog In 2020?

No matter your industry, data shows time and again that blogging decreases bounce rate, increases engagements, page views, search rankings and page impressions. What small business owner really has the time to set aside to write a solid, infomercial blog post that’s going to become part of a larger marketing plan? That’s why My Office Help is proud to offer high quality, original content that will show a true return on investment as your SEO profile grows.

Why It Matters

Most small business owners will never consider hosting a blog on their website. Some don’t understand the need, while others either don’t have the skill or time to set aside each week writing a well researched, high quality post that is search engine optimized and geared towards selling a product. What they don’t realize is the many ways in which this very simple concept can boost your bottom line:


The never-ending battle for all business owners is getting the best ranking possible on Google and other prime search engines. Businesses small and large spend more than $72 billion dollars a year on SEO, with that estimated to rise to over $80 billion in 2020.

No small business will ever be able to compete with the giants, but there are a number of simple things that can seriously impact your relevance, authority, and link profile; prime among these is a blog with relevant, original, and regularly updated content.

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The My Office Help Difference

The team at My Office Help has decades of experience with blog management, professional writing, and content creation, which allows us to offer the same high quality content as the mega-corporations, without the mega-corporation price tag. My Office Help offers a number of quality guarantees that set us apart from other content creators:

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    Guaranteed Custom Content

    We run all our content through a multi-stage commercial plagiarism filter to ensure that every item we deliver is 100% original

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    Concierge Customer Care

    You will have ready access to your own personal Content Concierge, with more than 20 years of experience writing professionally and producing content.

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    Multiple Keyword Targets

    Each post is customized to target specific keywords provided by you, or identified by our team as relevant to your business and the industry.

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    Intellectual Property Release

    All content created for you includes full Intellectual Property Rights. We are able to either ghost write under your own name, or a designated name of your choice.

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    1600 Word Minimums

    Research has shown that an average of 1600 words in a blog post produces the most engagement and maximizes backlinking possibility. We guarantee every post at 1600 words or more.

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    Dynamic & Static Media

    All content includes dynamic and static media (pictures, videos) suited to the content

Custom Designed Web Content

  • Custom Web Page Content

    Needing something to fill your pages? Unsure what to write or how to get your ideas across in an easy to understand format? Our design team can fill your pages with original, focused, professionally written content

  • Landing Pages

    Unsure how to get people to your site for that promotion or sale? Custom landing pages that focus your visitors on a single goal are proven to boost sales and engagement. Let our team create custom, attractive landing pages that sell a product or service to your visitors.

  • Email Campaigns

    Needing an email campaign to boost traffic and get your name out there, but unsure how to put it together? Let our team do it for you. We can bring the ideas from your mind into reality and create a campaign suitable to your exacting standards!

  • Social Media Campaigns

    It’s tough to keep up with social media, and even tougher to try and come up with original content every day to keep your pages fresh and visitor rates rising. Let us take the pressure off by producing a proven mix of fun and sales postings to meet your needs and boost your page likes and shares.

Content and Copy Editing Services

  • Content Editing

  • Formatting Problems?

    Is your content disjointed? No theme? No connection? Our team can help with that! We offer professional advice, auditing, and editing services for those who have built their own website but are unsure quite how to bring it all together in a common theme and make it look modern and attractive.

  • Paper Problems?

    Snail mail campaign needed but you’re just not happy with how the material looks? Our content development team can provide advice and design services to give your paper mailing campaigns that X factor they need to bring customers to the sales table.

  • Campaigns

    Have a print or digital campaign that you can’t quite get themed? Got content, but you need a little punch on the wording? Our team can pump up your existing material and really lock down your brand.

  • Copy Editing

  • Digital Copy

    Perhaps you’re a budding writer and you just want somone to cast an eye over your work, or perhaps you’ve gotten the broad strokes down and need someone to clean up the language and reword it in such a way as to make solid marketing copy. Whatever the need, our copy editing team can put some punch into your marketing and sales materials

  • Paper Copy

    Got a paper campaign that you just can’t find the words for? Ideas down but it just isn’t coming to you? Our copy editing team will go through your work, clean it up and give it a real punch that will sell with your customers.

  • Radio/Social Media Copy

    Radio advertising not quite cutting it? Having trouble getting it cut down to the right time frame and still convey the ideas you need? Social media campaigns falling flat? Have our copy team take a look and put their decades of experience to use producing high quality, original material that sells

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