Digital Marketing

A solid digital marketing strategy is essential in building a business, both for reputation and lead generation. My Office Help offers a number of proven digital marketing strategies guaranteed to increase revenue. Click or call to find out more from one of our My Office Help specialists!

Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a powerful tool to reach large groups of consumers simultaneously, both former and potential customers. Our marketing team can put together a professional, attractive, and informative email campaign for you.


Search Engine Optimization remains the single most powerful tool to use in order to engage your audience and increase conversions. Let My Office Help optimize your website, blog posts and web content to ensure that you’re reaching the most people possible.

Landing Pages

Unsure how to get people to your site for that promotion or sale? Custom landing pages that focus your visitors on a single goal are proven to boost sales and engagement. Let our team create custom, attractive landing pages that sell a product or service to your visitors.

Content Marketing

Content marketing remains one of the most effective ways to build your reputation, brand loyalty, and develop new leads. Blogging and video marketing are just two aspects of the content marketing package that My Office Help can deliver!

Physical Marketing

Physical marketing is an effective strategy for businesses for whom the average customer tends not to be tech savvy, or who may shy away from digital advertising. Few things generate as much ROI as direct mail campaigns and paper marketing resources. My Office Help has more than 50 years experience with physical marketing and our marketing team is standing by for your call!

  • Posters

    Posters and flyers get valuable access to heavily trafficked public areas and are key to marketing any events, special offers, or partnerships with charitable organizations that can boost your public profile. Even when people aren’t ready to buy right now, research has shown that a strong marketing brand will remain with people for months and years until the moment they are ready.

  • Pass Out Cards

    Pass out cards are ideal to hand out to every current customer, advertise a referral program, and get the name out in the community. Easily kept on hand for any occasion, they provide more information than a standard business card, and a good quality pass along makes an impression.

  • Direct Mail

    Direct mail campaigns use standard letter post to distribute marketing materials, including flyers, coupons, specials, introductory and welcome offers. A useful tool for covering very specific territories.

  • Coupons

    Physical coupons are still wildly popular, despite the introduction of digital platforms capable of producing far more responsive packages. Coupon sheets as part of an introductory packet, and later drops in both newspapers and direct mail have been proven to increase revenue by providing face to face sales opportunities and encouraging repeat business.

  • Brochures

    Manufacturers brochures often lead to confusion and anger from customers shocked that a mark-up is made for shipping, labor, and overhead. Branded brochures eliminate that entirely by ensuring that only your brand is seen. Brochures can be direct mailed or included as part of a tech packet for sales purposes.

  • Radio

    Still listened to by more than 97% of the population, radio can be a massive boon for local service companies trying to get their names out there. Radio packages often include digital components that allow for some flexibility into digital marketing. My Office Help has been producing and writing radio advertisements for more than a decade and our content creation team is standing by to get your next radio campaign off the ground with you.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook Ads

Social media advertising on platforms like Facebook, and it’s affiliated partner sites has become a powerful advertising tool. With almost unlimited combinations of geographic and demographic targets, companies are now able to achieve far more bang for their buck than ever before. My Office Help has several years of Facebook marketing experience, including using Facebooks advertising platform. Let our marketing team put together an effective and efficient strategy to stretch your dollar further.

Group/Page Posting

How many posts should I make? What kind of things should I be posting? How do I read statistics? Am I making the right choices? Our marketing team hears these questions every day, and the answer is that it changes from case to case depending on what your goals are. Reach out to our marketing team today to discuss your opportunities and explore ways in which you can expand your reach and follower base.

Marketing Data Analysis

Between Facebook and Google, vast amounts of data are available to analyse and really drill deep into what works, what doesn’t work, and plan where your next advertising buy should go. Our experienced marketing team is able to make sense of the endless streams of marketing data generated by your advertising platforms and give you a roadmap to success through the proper analysis. Reach out to our marketing team today to talk more about your opportunities for success and what we can do to help you meet you goals.

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