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My Office Help was founded by business owners, for business owners. Our entire expertise rests in the home services industry, with more than fifty years of operational practice in a successful service business. Over those fifty-plus years, we have tried many coaching companies and “methods,” from the free to the outrageously expensive. What we learned through all of it is that many coaches, while containing decades of wisdom themselves, just don’t understand the home services industry. Our industry has unique needs, wants, and challenges that just can’t be met by those practiced in dealing with fortune 500 companies, or the white-collar industries. What we discovered was that none of them gave more value than the mentors we ourselves had as we were coming up in the industry– experienced technicians, managers, and owners who had faced it all, done it all, and made all the mistakes.

What we’ve discovered as My Office Help has grown is that each of our clients is searching for help, either practically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, to better provide for their family, grow their businesses, and develop whatever dream it is they have in their mind as the perfect scenario.

We realized the entire industry is crying out, not for coaches with their catchy acronyms, software, and soundbites, but for real, down-to-earth, one-on-one mentors– the kind that made us the business owners we are today. That realization that the industry needs and wants that personalized, real experience was the first true MOH-Ment.


THE MAGIC BULLET - This term is thrown around a lot. We aren't some cure-all for everything that ails you. We are a resource and a tool to help you build your own magic bullet. We cannot MAKE you successful, but we can help you develop the keys to making YOURSELF successfulSOUNDBITES & SYSTEMS - We don't have motivational speeches and magical systems that will make gold rain from the skies. We have practical advice that can be used right now to help you make changes for you. Our systems are applied and customized to who you and your business are, not some cookie cutter model of what we think business should beAN ECHO CHAMBER - We won't tell you what you want to hear. We will always tell you what you NEED to hear, even when it might be a painful bite to swallow. We can only grow through facing up to our own shortcomings. We WILL always be there to support you through those painful moments, and offer practical advice to move forward. Most importantly, we've been right where you are, and will always understand because we've faced those same painful realities in ourselves and our own businessesAFTER YOUR MONEY - Too many big-money coaching services are interested only in padding their bottom line, seeing you as just another number. It doesn't just rob us as business owners, it cheapens the entire industry with their race-to-the-bottom ideas and flawed business models. We are committed to your success, and our entire industries success, because there is always enough of the pie for everyone. When we all succeed, WE ALL SUCCEED.