We have cultivated relationships with some of the most effective and productive names in the industry to bring you our top certified partner organizations.

The Service Alliance

For pros, by pros, helping pros. The Service Alliance is one of the finest collection of cooperative partners in the industry. Specializing in Appliance Repair, HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical, the Service Alliance was founded and is managed by seasoned pros in the industry and offers a wide variety of tech guides, live support, and processes to support your business and your field teams.


Membership in the Service Alliance Group presents a number of key benefits, least of which is access to exclusive Mastermind material, podcasts and webinars to help build and support your business as it grows. You can also expect much much more:

  • Access to technical manuals and diagnostic sheets
  • Exclusive discounts on everything from uniforms and swag to insurance, vehicles, and more!
  • A HUGE SOP Library
  • Training Courses and Coaching


  • Exclusive service discounts are available ONLY to My Office Help clients
  • HUGE first month discounts for Service Alliance members

Rossware – ServiceDesk

Set your business up for success with an all-in-one Windows-based solution to manage your jobs and customers, track your team’s time and parts, and keep track of your business results. One of the oldest Field Service Management systems in the industry, Rossware’s suite of ServiceDesk products have been helping the appliance world grow for more than 30 years. The only Windows-based system in operation today, ServiceDesk remains a staple of the industry for thousands of users across the United States.


The most feature-packed system on the market today, ServiceDesk is a one-and-done payment system, meaning that once you complete the purchase, you own the product, FOREVER! With add-on services ranging from a mobile tech app, payment systems, cloud-based hosting options, warranty, and manufacturer plugins to allow dispatch directly into your schedule and more, ServiceDesk is the last product you will ever need for your business! ServiceDesk is priced to meet your needs and budget, allowing it to grow with you.


  • Through Rossware’s cloud hosting system, direct access for scheduling and dispatch directly into your system without the need to pay for additional users
  • The ability to work directly with your in-house and field teams from our 100% US-based in-house teams of CSRs


The most robust texting platform integrated with Housecall Pro today, Emitrr stands at the forefront as an all-in-one solution that combines both a full-service texting suite and a VoIP system. Emitrr is a rapidly evolving challenger to the CRM space, providing a number of automations from estimate followup to job reminders, review and reputation management, webchat, intelligent and customizable response bots and more.

Housecall Pro Integrations

With new integrations being created daily, Emitrr continues to grow, but it is its premiere integration with Housecall that sets it apart from any competition. No zapier connections or 3rd party access here, Emitrr is fully integrated directly into your HCP account. From your Emitrr account, you can access your customer database, texting and phone histories, and text directly from your current HCP schedule from WITHIN Emitrr. Talking to a contact? See a full view of any upcoming jobs or outstanding balances directly in the messaging window. With planned enhancements that include being able to completely supplant and grow beyond the On My way, Scheduling, Start, Pause, and Finish texts, Emitrr is ever-growing and responds quickly and efficiently to feature requests to provide customizations specifically for you like no other.

Beyond Housecall

Tired of having to track so many messaging sources? Emitrr is the answer, integrating your webchat, Facebook, and google messengers directly into the Emitrr inbox.


For all its feature-packed services, Emitrr remains one of the lowest price points in the industry, beating out all other home services competitors.


  • Exclusive service discounts available ONLY to My Office Help clients
  • Emitrr is included for FREE in our top tier plan
  • The ability to text directly from your office number without the need for porting


Looking for the next Service Titan, but without paying Service Titan pricing? Then Workiz is for you. Packed with power, this Field Service Management platform offers scheduling dispatch, full inventory support with automatic adjustments based on services sold, as well as a robust lead management, texting, and VoIP package built right into it for a fraction of the cost you’d pay for something similar with bigger platforms.

Geared specifically towards the “forgotten” industries, Workiz is perfect for locksmiths, assorted cleaning, garage door, handyman, junk removal, pool servicing and a myriad of other smaller home service segments that are all too easily ignored in the world of Field Service Management software.


Tired of poor dispatching to the wrong team or technician? Workiz has you covered with their customizable skill based scheduling system that will identify a job type and provide the available technicians who are able to complete that function. This eliminates the issue of unavailable or unsuitable technicians being dispatched to jobs they can’t complete.

My Office Help Benefits

  • Exclusive discounts for My Office Help clients who sign up with Workiz
  • Direct support inside your account from our exclusive partner portal
  • Unified lead management through our MOE.0 integration

Big Picture Consulting

Big Picture Consulting provides professional, personalized HR & Safety compliance solutions that will help your company run smoother while protecting your long-term business interests. Whether it be company handbooks and related HR documents, payroll compliance, multi-state guidance, company safety programs, or employee management, the experts at Big Picture have the answers.

With over 12 years of experience assisting HVAC, plumbing and electrical companies, construction firms and other residential service-based providers, Big Picture’s goal is not to tell you how to run your business. Rather, it’s to provide you with vital HR and safety-related information, resources and answers so you are properly equipped to make the right business decisions for your company. They’re also here to help you follow through on your decisions—whether that means fixing your compliance vulnerabilities or coaching you through situations that require their expertise. Let them handle the technicalities of your business so you can run it with greater peace of mind!

We are so confident in the services offered by the experts at Big Picture that we ourselves at My Office Help use them for our HR and compliance management.

Unsure whether you can deduct an expense or damages from a technicians paycheck? You need the Big Picture!

Unsure how to handle situations about tobacco smell, hygiene, attendance, or cleanliness? You need the Big Picture!

Don’t know how operating out of state affects your payroll and company policies? You need the Big Picture!


Looking for that mega-solution that has the most robust campaign automation and lead funnels in the industry? Then Chiirp is for you!

Chiirp is a multi-platform texting behemoth that offers a mind-boggling array of customizations and campaign options. Integrating directly into Housecall Pro and a number of other Field Service Management and CRM platforms to trigger based on unique events you can create campaigns for lost jobs, won jobs, finished jobs, estimates, next day reminders, service agreement maintenance reminders, and much, much more!

No matter what type of home service you are in, Chiirp has the features you need.

Create customizable groups to target campaign marketing based on a wide array of demographics from age and location all the way down to the type of job previously done, how much money they’ve spent, even what income bracket they fall into or where they are geographically located.

Whatever your needs, Chiirp has what you need to capture and convert every dollar you can to build your business!

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is an all-in-one, cloud-based business solution enabling home service professionals to work simpler and grow smarter. It provides user-friendly digital tools for scheduling and dispatching jobs, managing payments, and automating marketing efforts. Housecall Pro helps professionals efficiently manage every aspect of their business in one place.

The Housecall Pro platform is available through a mobile app and web portal for Pros across the United States and Canada.

Housecall Pro has over 17,000 customers. Its goal is to empower home service businesses to be better. With additional services geared towards service agreement management and a full texting suite that keeps the customer up to date on job progress and payment followup as well as a reobust integration with QuickBooks Online as well as dozens of other platforms, including our own MOE.0, Housecall Pro is one of the premier field service management systems on the market.

The biggest advantage to Housecall Pro? It’s very reasonable pricing structure, with some of the best rates in the market and most certainly the biggest bang for its buck, Housecall Pro is a must for businesses <$5 million.


  • A team of Housecall Pro experts able to assist with all aspects of the platform as an independent technical resource for deployment and management
  • A fully integrated platform with our own MOE.0 software, able to schedule directly through our platform to increase efficiency, eliminate errors, and provide the kind of top level service not found with any other virtual platform
  • The only Top Certified Housecall Pro partner in the home services virtual office space